Thank you

Big Thank you to those who support our cause by fundraising or donations in money or items.

names in alphabetical order

Yetty Bennett. 
Best friends Veterinary Group of Leicester.
Yve Hamilton-Bruce.
Catkins Cattery. 
Cockburn’s Veterinary Group.
Anna Cooper.
Paula & Ross Davies.
Marilynne Di-marco.
Jim & Annette Fitzgerald.
Sarah Geairns.
Emma Lees & Anna.
Marilynne Lewis.
Hilary Lingard.
Meezer Mclocks (group on Facebook)
Bobbee Mellor.
Shelia Moss.
Christine Osborne
Sonia Parra.
Pilky80 (Ebay)
Stuart & Alison Press.
Brian & Lynne Price
Anna Richardson.
Nicola Samels.
Jules Seal.
Angela Smith.
Alison Fitzherbert-Stewart.
Julie Tarpey.
Neil & Amanda Warburton
Cheryl BridgitJones Wardle.
Woodside Cattery.
Not forgetting our Committee