The last will and testament

Have you considered your Siamese cat? in the advent of your passing, have you made provisions for s/he in your will you can ask us to carry out your wishes for s/he’s welfare?

Midshires Welfare/Rescue can help you by Rehoming, s/he to a forever permanent home if you wish to fill in the form the last will and testament we specialise in fitting s/he with a suitable person from our waiting list, all the adoptees have to become a member of our association and have to have references. All you need to do is give your willmaker/Solicitor your instructions, with copy of the filled in form attached and to the Midshires Welfare/Rescue, notify us in writing of your intentions. It is also a good idea to make your wishes known to relatives or friends.
If you can afford a bequest to the Midshires Welfare/Rescue in the name of The Isabel north fund, for the care of your cat we would be grateful but taking care of your cat/s is not dependent on this.The welfare of your cat will always come first, before any other considerations.

If you have made your own arrangements, we are still here to help with advice where we can.

The details for this service are:

We would like to thank Lynda Ashmore for providing the form